Toyota C-HR versus Honda Vezel

We compare the designs of the two hottest Japanese crossovers in Singapore right now.

Toyota C-HR (top), Honda Vezel/HR-V (above)

Toyota’s Coupe High-Rider (C-HR) hopes to override Honda’s Vezel (and official HR-V) in Singapore’s compact crossover segment.

The Toyota C-HR’s design concept is “Sensual Speed-Cross”, and the Honda Vezel’s design concept is “Dynamic Cross Solid”.

“Sensual Speed-Cross” features a diamond architectural theme, with eye-catching details that have been sculpted and chamfered to represent the facetted surfaces of a precision-cut gemstone, and when viewed from any angle, the elegantly integrated detailing creates a delicate balance of precision and sensuality.

“Dynamic Cross Solid” features distinctive and sharp character lines which fuse together two elements of the vehicle body – the SUV-like stable lower body and the coupe-like upper body, with the stylish exterior design apparently adding a glow to the people on the vehicle.

Toyota C-HR (left), Honda Vezel/HR-V (right)

For the competing cabins, the C-HR’s interior design concept is “Sensual Tech” while the Vezel/HR-V’s interior design concept is “Expansible Cockpit”. Toyota’s objective is to produce an unprecedented advanced feel, while Honda’s objective is to pursue both spaciousness and a personal feel.

In the C-HR, soft pads leading from the instrument panel to the door trimmings and metallic-tone ornaments express an expansive space; the control panel is positioned facing the driver, with all items laid out along a continuous line, allowing all driving operations to be carried out smoothly;
the twin-lens, cylindrical-type instrument cluster with radiating blue lines on its face expresses depth and innovation; and the multi-information 4.2-inch colour TFT display shows information at high resolution.

In the Vezel/HR-V, soft materials are used for most of the occupant touchpoints, with a stitching line to emphasise the sense of craftsmanship; LED lighting for the front map-lamps and room-lamps achieve a quality feeling; and the smooth instrument panel and the high-quality high-deck centre console create a personal space for both front seat occupants.