McLaren F1 product presentation in 1992 – wheels and tyres

Right from the McLaren F1's initial design, the tyre was considered as an intrinsic suspension element.

Potential speeds above 321km/h, over 550bhp, high cornering loads and high downforce demand no ordinary tyres. McLaren and Goodyear first raced together in 1968 and now cooperate on the McLaren F1 programme.

The dedicated Goodyear F1 235/45 ZR17 front  and 315/45ZR17 rear tyres have been created using the latest race-proved techniques – computer modelling, CAD/CAM-generated mould cavities, high-speed constructions and exotic lightweight materials.

Right from the McLaren F1’s initial design, the tyre was considered as an intrinsic suspension element within the programme’s complex handling and comfort calculations. Weight, safety, noise and dynamic performance were all vital factors.

The chosen tread pattern is asymmetric and directional, sharing many of Goodyear’s patented “Quattro Stazione” pattern features from their latest racing rain tyre. The tyre sizes have been carefully selected to optimise traction and braking, while fostering the finely balanced handling which McLaren Cars demands.

A current trend towards ever-larger wheel diameters has been resisted, 17-inch being judged best for weight, package and contact patch geometry.

Since the tyres are different-sized front and rear and also directional, no two tyres on the F1 are the same. Consequently, the F1 carries no spare tyre, the weight of a component which is most unlikely to fail in normal use being deemed unacceptable. However, in case of emergency, a puncture sealant aerosol is carried.

Because the “F1” tyre is uniquely tailored for this exclusive design, it will be manufactured using Formula 1 techniques in Goodyear’s race tyre plant at Akron, Ohio, USA.

The McLaren F1 rides on purpose-designed OZ Racing wheels, painstakingly developed to match the car’s character. They are cast like Formula 1 racing wheels in aerospace-grade magnesium alloy, and feature sophisticated anti-corrosion measures to ensure sustained performance and appearance throughout the McLaren F1’s long predicted service life. 
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