Iron Man-themed Subaru Impreza

Engineer spruces up his eight-year-old Subaru Impreza by giving it an Iron Man wrap.

Mr Cash Chong (with his father Clive Chong) had his car done up in an Iron Man theme.

Mr Cash Chong, 28, wanted to spruce up his eight-year-old Subaru Impreza for a friend’s wedding last year.

The engineer chose a red-and- gold Iron Man-themed wrap, in which the face of the Marvel superhero is created using the features of the car.

The headlights, for example, form the eyes.

“My friends are always able to spot me on the road because the car is so unique,” he says.

For his next car, he would like to have a Captain America wrap to continue with the superhero theme.

In Singapore, there are no restrictions on paint colours, says the Land Transport Authority, although car owners who change their car colour should update the OneMotoring website immediately with the correct description.

Most customers are looking to beautify their vehicles.

For vehicle paint jobs, a new current favourite is getting a shifting colour effect.

This requires expertise on the part of the painter, who must mix different combinations and ratios of colour powders before spraypainting the vehicle, says Mr Ridwan Ash-Siddiq, 35, owner of 7 Angelz Automotive Workshop in Woodlands Industrial Park.

The spray-painting expert has been to India and Sri Lanka to run workshops on spray-painting and mixing colours.

He says: “People want their cars and bikes to look different especially when the vehicles aren’t cheap.

“They take pride in their vehicles and want them to stand out.”

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