Honda launches in-car dating app to help lonely drivers find love at the wheel

With the H-Swipe app, drivers can use their Honda's windscreen wipers to "swipe" left or right to hook up with a perfect date.

On April 1st, 2017, Honda announced the launch of a new in-car dating app that helps drivers find love at the wheel.

The H-Swipe app connects to an innovative digital windscreen and interactive directional windscreen “s-wipers”, and uses geolocation technology to pinpoint the nearest potential dating candidate. The driver then uses the windscreen wipers to swipe left or right, either accepting or rejecting and moving on to the next eligible person.

Set to be unveiled in the UK this summer, the new technology is a world first and can only be activated when the Honda car is stationary, whether that’s when drivers are stopped at traffic lights, in a parking space, driveway or carpark.

With research (conducted in March 2017 by Consumer Research UK using a sample of 2500 consumers between the ages of 18 and 34) revealing that 80 percent of millennials struggle to find time to look for love thanks to on-the-go lifestyles, romance-seeking drivers will now be able to download the H-Swipe app directly to their dashboard, offering a unique in-car experience that helps them hit the accelerator in the realm of online dating.

Jōdan de Eipurirufūru, Future Opportunity Occupational Lead at Honda, says, “We know how much time people spend in the car daily, so we thought, why not use this as another opportunity to find your perfect match! We’re also extremely passionate about innovation at Honda, and H-Swipe is the next step in offering our customers unrivalled experiences that fit into their busy lifestyles.” 
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