Alpine unveils three new versions of A110 sports car

The A110 Pure and A110 Legende are for the road, while the A110 GT4 is for the racetrack.

Following the successful introduction of the A110 Première Edition, Alpine has announced three new versions of its lightweight sports car. The A110 Pure and A110 Légende are the production series versions that broaden Alpine’s scope, while the A110 GT4 competition car, developed by Signatech, will write the next chapter in Alpine’s motor racing story.

Sharing their technical specifications with the A110 Première Edition, which was limited
to 1955 examples and sold out within five days of going on sale, the A110 Pure and A110 Légende offer two distinct characters.

The Pure is the A110 at its most driver-focused, the closest in spirit to the original A110 Berlinette that won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1973. The Légende’s grand touring credentials and everyday usability, meanwhile, are underpinned by its six-way adjustable comfort seats and higher equipment level.

The Pure and Légende are based upon the same lightweight and exceptionally strong aluminium chassis as the Première Edition, which forms the basis for the A110’s trademark agility and handling precision. Mounted immediately behind the two-seater cabin is the turbocharged 1.8-litre 4-cylinder engine with a peak power output of 252hp, which delivers thrilling performance, while double wishbone suspension ensures all versions of the A110 exhibit the dynamic poise and responsiveness of a true Alpine.

Along with the unveiling of the Pure and Légende versions, Alpine also confirmed three new bodywork colour options – Blanc Irisé, Bleu Abysse and Gris Tonnerre – as well as four new wheel designs.

Developed by Alpine’s motorsport partner Signatech, meanwhile, the new GT4 racer is the ultimate expression of the A110’s remarkable agility and track-bred performance. Alongside the A110 Cup, it becomes the second racing version of the A110. With increased engine power and greater aerodynamic downforce compared to the A110 Cup, the A110 GT4 will see Alpine return to competition on the racetrack against the world’s most prestigious car makers.

A small number of A110 GT4s will race throughout Europe during the second half of 2018 before the car goes into full-scale production ahead of the 2019 season. All A110 GT4s will be campaigned by customer teams with factory support from Signatech. A unique part of the A110 racing car proposition is the option to upgrade an A110 Cup to GT4 specification using a kit of components.

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